bridal facial prep tips


Here are some bridal facial prep tips I’ve gathered through out my years of doing weddings


1 Month Before Your Wedding
Continue your regimen.
Resist the urge to start anything new. You’re not going to see results from an anti-aging cream or cleansing routine in a month’s time anyway, so your best bet is sticking to what you know your skin can tolerate.

Avoid extreme procedures.
“The month of the wedding, I would not do any laser procedures or anything besides a glycolic peel — a gentle one.  That includes facials, even though many brides think they need them.

1 Week Before Your Wedding
Maintain your glow.
Stay hydrated by eating food with a high water content (like salads) and drinking plenty of fluids. Focus on keeping your skin well-moisturized and on controlling your stress levels, since stress can make skin more sensitive and more likely to break out.

But be careful if you’ve scheduled a pre-wedding massage. Make sure your massage therapist uses an oil that you’ve tried before — you don’t want to find out you’re allergic to a certain fragrance or ingredient and break out in hives two days before donning a strapless dress.

Exfoliate — but be gentle.
Step away from the harsh scrubs, since they can irritate the skin on your body. Instead, remove dead, dull skin with a moisturizer that contains gentle chemical exfoliants, such as lactic or glycolic acid. Shaving is also an “easy, gentle way to exfoliate the skin on your legs.

Ward off breakouts.
When it come to wedding day disasters, waking up with a monster zit ranks right up there with weather forecasting a monsoon. Water is your best friend here.  No soda pop or candy 5 days before the wedding and for the rehearsal dinner, ask for a special menu with your favorite food, but ask for it to be in low sodium.  And don’t forget…..I have photoshop skills most folks would kill for <wink>