Fall family photos- What do you wear?






Autumn is an amazing time of year to photograph those fall family portraits.  The sun sets a little earlier and is not so hot and the vibrant fall foliage colors are stunning as a backdrop for your fall family portraits.  So, what do you wear in this setting?  Here are some of my tips I give clients for Fall family photos- what do you wear? :

* Consider where you’ll display your portraits and what the colors are in your room. If you have lots of deep rich, warm colors in your living room, stick with deep rich warm colors.

* Be uniform without being uniform:  Generally I like a nice pair of jeans, and the same colored top, but that doesn’t mean they have to match.  If it’s the same color but someone is wearing dots, that’s ok – it adds texture and character.

* When choosing a dress code for your session, make sure everyone is on the same page.  The rule is if dad is wearing a causal polo, Johnny shouldn’t be wearing a ripped wrinkled t-shirt with skulls on it.

* Probably the most important thing I can impart to you: wear what you know you look good in! This is especially important because the way you feel about yourself in a particular outfit will come through in the images. This is true for kids as well as adults! Moms: how many times have you had to fight tooth and nail to get your little one dressed in something they didn’t want to wear, only to have them sulk about it for a while afterwards?
Make sure to wear clothes that are fitted, but not too snug. When clothing is a little too tight, it can show off bulges that you would rather keep hidden!  And let’s not forget this applies to footwear as well.

* I always encourage ladies to wear jewelry, however avoid wearing chunky or reflective jewelry.  I want people to see your face and not your jewelry.  I recommend classic, simple pieces, such as simple earrings and a plain gold or silver necklaces, are fine or if there is a special piece that has been handed down or given, certainly wear that.

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