Headshots for housewives too


Most of the time, I will get a call that someone wants a updated photo of themselves and often it will be someone whom has never had a professional photo session nor an amazing photo of themselves that they really, really proud of.  Well, headshots for housewives and/or domestic home engineers are can be so exciting and I feel important too.  Here’s some of the guidelines I suggest you bring to the shoot:   

2 or 3 shirts which follow the RULES of headshot clothes. But first I will give you a reminder to bring enough well fitting BRA’s, including…

  • strapless
  • "push-up"
  • flesh tone
  • dark
  • matching your clothes  


Often times, I will bring out something from my own acquirement closet and invent a look or outfit that is different and out of the box.  Usually hesitate at first, but willing to try, my model(s) will put on and kind of say, I am not sure about this and I will say: Trust me!  An end result below:
headshots for housewives
headshots for housewives