High School Senior portrait

One of the things I’m asked all the time is what to wear for your High School senior portrait session. This can be a difficult question to answer because I’ve had high school seniors show up with what looks ok to them, but it photographs horribly!  So here are some of my high school senior portrait tips I give to each one of my seniors:

1.  Keep it simple!  Casual dressing that you would go to the mall in or to the movies is perfect photographing your High School Senior portraits.

Senior portraits







2.  Wear something nice:  No torn or ripped jeans, please and wear a top that is fresh, with a color fits your style for your High School Senior portraits.


3.  Comfortable:  For a lot of teens, this may be their first professional photo session and there’s nothing worse than being nervous and uncomfortable.  You might have difficulty not being a little nervous, but you can control your comfort level in cloths……….so keep it comfortable.