High School Senior portrait tips by Robbin Manuel

I truly enjoy photographing high school seniors very much.  They come in all kind of personalities, ideas of what they’d like, and styles of clothing that is constantly changing.  Last week I had the pleasure of photographing this  lovely lady, Tori.  Her eyes are so beautiful with her perfect smile and she made my job simple with how she literally sat there and smiled the entire time.  But for some people, it doesn’t come easy in font of a camera.  So her are some high school senior portrait tips I offer to my clients:

Senior Portraits
Senior Portraits

1. Relax: This moment in time is about you, no one else.  Enjoy this moment and in 20 years, I promise you will love your photos just as much as you loved in your senior year.

2.  Focus:  Focus on the reason your getting photographed. Try not to focus on the action of the photo being taken, instead focus on the intention behind the camera and how others will feel about their memories later.

3.  Practice makes if easier:  Note: I did not say practice makes perfect. Throw the idea of perfection out the window and consider that practice can make you comfortable! Practice alone or with people you are closest to. Set-up a laptop camera, use a mobile phone, or utilize a photo booth too.