High School Senior Portraits Tips by Robbin Manuel

Attention High School Seniors of 2014:  If you are wanting your portrait to be something that you will be proud of in that 25th year reunion, call Robbin Manuel for your Senior Portrait session today at: (518)852-3519

Here are some tips: Be well prepared for your portrait can make a portrait session average to fabulous.

1.  Mindset:  Being in a good and happy mood will reflect in your photos.  Relax- your going to do GREAT!

2. Arrival:  Be on time.  Being late will only result in less camera time.  And we don’t want that.

3. Your Style:  Be unique to yourself.  Be thoughtful in your selections of clothing for your photos and don’t forget to bring accessories

4.  Props:  They are great………….bring them!  If you play a sport, bring your equipment.  If you are a cheerleader, but your outfit and pom-poms.  If you play a instrument, pack it along!  If you’re a dancer, bring a dance practice outfit.  It all pays off and will speak your style and reflect in your portraits.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?

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Senior Portrait