High School Senior- tips for your photo session by Robbin Manuel

Hello 2014 High School Seniors!  Ready to get that photo that will make everyone say WOW!  Booking appointments for 2014 seniors now.  Here are some tips for you to try out for your session

1.  Although we try to help your hair look amazing, make sure you love the look or let your photographer know what you don’t like.  Hair is such an important part of how we present ourselves and if you are not comfortable with your hair, you will not be comfortable during your shoot.  Hair is your ultimately your responsibility, and any changes should quick and easy so you don’t lose camera time.  But I offer suggests and I am here to do the best to make it work for you.

2.  Jewelry:  My best advice is to keep it SIMPLE.  Try to have a different earring or bracelet for each outfit, but don’t the jewelry steal the show casing of you during your photo session.

Justine selected a simple dropped and lean earring to complete her look.  She had a great time and looked so amazing and rocked my camera.


High School Senior portrait session
High School Senior portrait session