Want to make your next photo shoot a success?

Believe it or not, most people do not know how to pose or like to be in front of the camera. Here are some of my Tips on how I make my clients or model(s) feel comfortable during a photo-shoot and in from of the camera or how to make your photo-shoot a success.

One of the greatest challenges photographers face is getting people to relax and look “themselves” for a portrait. It can be like nailing jello to a tree depending on the subject and his or her mood that day. Oftentimes people are simply too tense or self conscious when facing a camera to really let their guards down – thus denying you a chance to capture their relaxed, natural expressions.

This situation makes a photographer’s job multi-faceted. If it was only a matter of pointing a lens and pressing a button, we’d be awash in stunning portraits. Yet the nuances and skill required for capturing such photos goes beyond technical know-how.

Portrait photographers are specialists in human behavior, and have to be capable of summoning certain expressions and emotions from their subjects – just like the director of a movie. If there’s one skill that can help, a skill prized above all others in portraiture, it’s the ability to make people laugh and smile.

Think of the cliche “Cheese!” utterance that millions of people have made at the behest of a photographer. The word forces the lips to part and creates a faux-smile. How much better would all those photos have looked if the photographer had elicited genuine laughter instead?

Photo Shoot Success Tips:

  1. Get to know my clients on the set
  2. Make them laugh
  3. Give HELPFUL posing direction
  4. Always show them what’s coming out of the camera to give them a boost of confidence they are doing GREAT!
  5. Take candid shots! Sometimes they are awesome
  6. Teaching my clients tricks and secrets — even silly ones, like the smize — can help them feel more natural and comfortable.

If you are looking to hire a Saratoga area photographer for your next photo shoot, I would love a chance to talk with you.  Book a session with me and I will teach you the “squinch”! (518) 852-3519

Robbin Manuel Photography

Robbin Manuel Photography

Robbin Manuel Photography