Newborn photography tips

Every newborn photographer will have a different way or style of doing things but these are just some of the top things I’ve learned through the years as a newborn photographer.  So here are my newborn photography tips for that amazing photo shoot with your newborn:

* I ask every parent: candid or posed?  I have to understand what the parents are looking for first.  If you want that posed look with a cute hat that Aunt Mary made or outfit that is a family heirloom, 14 days after delivering, is the perfect time to take newborn photos.


Newborn portraits

The next photo is of a newborn of about 28 days old.  They can keep their eyes open and stay put and are more alert to voices and sounds.   These newborn photos are often candid.


* Bring it all:  Come prepared for anything and everything.  Bring that special blanket, outfit or headband.

* Parents:  wear comfy clothes!  If you are comfortable, the baby with be too.

* Come with inspiration:  If there is a newborn photo you’ve seen on Pinterest or FB and you want something like that, but with your own twist; have it ready to show me!  I need a direction to go.

I love my job….with this job there are the most excellent perks that comes with it!