Photographing Children

What is the most challenging things to do in the photography biz:  Photographing children!  They are real fast little people… NEVER know what is going to happen next………….and you have to really think fast and be READY at all times for that perfect shot!  So, in my years of photographing children, I’ve decided to share a few tips to prepare my clients (which I am hoping might be you if you are reading this blog) for their most excellent photo portrait session.

Show Them In Action

You have to let them drive the bus, as they say.  Kids love showing off their skills and what they do special.  I often will put my camera on a tripod and carry my wireless remote and walk around.  They don’t even know I am photographing.……all they know is I am interested in them and getting to know them on their level.

 Capture Their Innocent Moments

All children photos don’t have to be “picture perfect”.  You’ll be amazed what your get!

Don’t Forget The Grown Up

Sometimes a nap was missed or a little person might be hungry, or that shy moment creeps in when the realize they are the spotlight and center of attention.  Having mom or dad get in there and see what happens.

 Have Fun!

Children are great fun to work with and will give you lots of expressions and movement during photographing children. Be friendly and build up a rapport, and don’t force a child to smile or pose; they will not be happy and this will show in their face and have a photo like these!  Love my Super-girl!  Contact me today for your children photography needs!