Senior Portrait Session tips for Shenendehowa guys

Congratulations to the Class of 2014! Your final year of high school will fly by in a heartbeat. One of your first decisions as a SENIOR is to schedule your Senior Portraits. Guys generally don’t get quite as excited about this rite of passage, so I’ll give you some senior portrait session tips for Shenendehowa guys to make it as painless as possible.

High School Senior portrait in Lake George, NY by: Robbin Manuel
High School Senior portrait in Lake George, NY by: Robbin Manuel

1. Bring anything that will help add character and personality to your senior portraits- sports uniform, letter jacket, musical instrument, car, sport instruments like a basketball, bat and ball etc.

2. Bring a couple of different shirts that reflect your style. We would suggest that one of the shirts be a nice button down to make mom happy.  🙂  And no wrinkles in those shirts, PLEASE! Plan your wardrobe selection ahead of time.  Don’t wait until the last minute for your senior portrait session to buy or find a shirt.  If you need help in selecting, I can suggest something to you.

3. Get a haircut at least a week or if not 2 weeks before your senior portrait session,  to prevent the “glow” around your hairline.

4. If you spend your summer in a baseball cap, you may want to leave it off for a week so your forehead isn’t pasty. HOWEVER, the only thing worse than a farmer’s tan on your forehead is a red, peeling, blistered nose- so use sunscreen, PLEASE!!!!

5.  Don’t worry about blemishes……….I got you on that.  Please do shave the day of your senior portrait session and put on a after shave cream to heal any razor burns from the morning.

6. Get a good nights sleep!!!!  I can not stress the importance of a good night’s sleep and drink plenty of water, if you are a sports man.  Circles under the eyes will show up and the shine in your eyes will be dull from the lack of water in your system.

I hope this helps prepare you a little for a great Senior Portrait Session.