Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography or portraiture is a photography of a person or group of people that displays the expression, personality, and mood of the subject. Like other types of portraiture, the focus of the photograph is usually the person’s face, although the entire body and the background may be included.

The overall thing with portrait photography is to bring about a change in the posture & expression of a person so that their deeper (& often more attractive) natural looks are revealed. Naturalness is beauty.


You don’t need a special occasion to be photographed with the one you love. But new photos are a great way to celebrate engagements or anniversaries – from first dates to first decades. Schedule your session like  you’re planning a date.  The more romantic your experience, the more heartfelt the expressions in your photographs. For wardrobe, most couples have fun coordinating their outfits with each other. Avoid colors or  patterns that will clash with one another.

$125.00 and includes one full resolution transferred via email with mailed copy right release.  Price includes online proofing 

Pageant Photogenic

$100 non refundable deposit is required at booking and will be applied toward balance.

Up to age 36 months old-  $200 sitting fee Natural Photogenic or portfolio

3 years to 12 years old:  $125 sitting fee

2 hour studio time.  There is a three look minimum on weekends and school vacation days/holidays.  $100  non refundable deposit is required.

  • Natural Pageant Photo, $45/photo
  • Enhanced Pageant Photo, $85/photo
  • Full Glitz Pageant Photo (shown to the right), $175/photo
  • Images are viewed on line
  • Premium hair & makeup artist (recommended for Co-ed, Sunbrust type pageants) are not included
  • Images are transferred via email with mailed copy right release


Age 13 & up only

(Miss America, MAOT, Miss USA, ANTSO, Teen USA , Miss International etc)  Deposit of $100 non refundable is required upon booking.

Includes up to three looks with house hair & makeup. Hair must be in hot rollers or hot-sets for at last one hour prior to the shoot. Please bring at least six tops and one-two gowns with jewelry and at least one pair of matching heels/undergarments, dress jeans and a sport denim jacket.

Please check your photo requirements for your pageant/state before your shoot!

Shoot price is $495.00 Price includes online proofing.
Weekend-$545.00.   This will include 2 images of your choice.

***I retouch most pageant portraits, but additional re-touching is $50 a image.

Additional images are $40 a image.

***Images are transferred via email with mailed copy right release.

High Resolution Disk, is available and must include NYS sales tax


Schedule your session during your child’s upbeat time of day, after feeding or naps, when he or she is ready to light up the camera room with smiles. But be open-minded: often a frown or even a sleeping baby make for great photographs. The goal is to capture a variety of expressions.

For wardrobe, choose colors that reflect the season.  For example, bright greens, yellows and pinks are best for summertime photos. $60 for first image, $30 for every image after, per shoot.  Price includes online proofing


Dogs and cats are part of the family, too. And having photographs made with them can be great fun. It’s always a good idea to feed your pet and walk him before your session.

But be open-minded: if he’s not in the mood to roll over or shake hands, a sleeping pooch often makes for great photographs.  $50 for first image, $30 for every image after, per shoot

Model Head Shots

If you are interested in becoming a actor or model, you need head shot photos.  It’s must to have that all important photo to present to your interviewer.  Come give me your ideas of the perfect portrait photo for your head shot.

Prices vary for this style of shoot or model needs.  ***Please inquiry about price. 

Model Head-shots