wedding day makeup tips by Robbin Manuel

Photo of makeup before the big walk by Robbin Manuel
makeup wedding tip for photography

The flowers are gorgeous, the cake is a little taste of heaven, and the dress fits like a glove. Every detail of the Big Day is planned to perfection and when the bride walks down the aisle all eyes will be on her. Every moment will be photographed and frozen in time forever. So let’s talk about what is really important: the bride’s makeup.

The most important element of a flawless face is beautiful glowing skin, the perfect canvas.   So here are some wedding day makeup tips from me:

Choose a light, water-based foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly. It should disappear onto the skin. You may need to pick a shade slightly darker than your face, so it blends down onto your neck leaving no lines.  A moisturizing foundation will give you a fresh look all day for your wedding day photos.

Also, great tip here; always  use a makeup base with a sunscreen if you are getting married outside so you are not taking in sun and getting burned on your wedding day.

Movie Star and Old Hollywood style is in!  Grab some of that catwalk look by dabbing on a Red lipstick.  Choosing the correct “Red” is important.  Check with 2 different make-up mall make-up artist and ask for samples.  Wear each one to a movie or dinner with friends and see which one gets the most compliments.

The smokey eye has been in for a while and is changing from the dark black and grays to more vibrant colors in subtle hints that are well blended.  Eyes are the longest to take in makeup, so have a good clean blending tool to make soft and sophisticated bride look.

Stayed tuned for more wedding day make up tips.  thank you for reading my post.

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