Wedding before and after photography workflow

Digital post processing is an essential part of today’s digital photography workflow. In fact, I think there is no other way around as even a wedding photo taken with most expensive digital camera requires some tweaks to show it’s full potential. Photos below are just sample of what can be done with today’s digital wedding photography. Still wedding photographer‘s must be selected for their photography and not for post production skills.  Today, I would like to demonstrate wedding before and after photography workflow and enhancements that is essential for today’s modern wedding couples.

The before photo:  This couple had a great attitude about their wedding being on a rainy day. She smiled the entire day and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her.   The only request was the bride didn’t want her beautiful gown to be in contact with the terrible elements of the weather (and I totally agreed with her as I didn’t want my equipment in the elements either).  Taking images outside was limited, with many factors, but the main focus was to capture the mood.


The after photo:  So, with electric lines, traffic and a trash can now gone in the background and the enhancement of lighting flare in the ceiling lights, the romantic mood of a newly-wedded couple is created.